CEO greeting

CEO greeting

"We'll make the best with the best technology."

First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for your love and interest in the website of INTOSEE.

Since its establishment, INTOSEE has been researching and producing products that are more convenient and practical by adding technology to its furniture and appliances based on its unique internal perspective display panel technology.

To concentrate on research and development, the company has opened and operated an affiliated research institute and is recognized for its technological prowess in carrying out major government tasks every year.

In the future, INTOSEE will continue to exert its unremitting challenge and passion for technology development in line with the rapidly changing market trend, and will strive to become a trusted company from customers, shareholders, investors, companies that can give you happiness, and one of the world's leading global companies.

Thank you.


14 Years of Display/Sensor Panel Development

Samsung Display, working for OLED Business Department’s development office

Kyung Hee University’s Ph.D. in Engineering and Information Display

Presently, Professor of Research at Korea University (Sejong Campus)

Jae-hwan Oh President and CEO