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Business Areas

Business Areas

  • Office/Furniture
    Interior furniture such as shoe cabinets,
    tables, and storage cabinets
  • Government Office
    Smart See-through Ossuary, Locker, Bookcase
  • Home appliance
    Various Home appliance such as small refrigerators,
    wine refrigerators, washing machines and ovens
  • Equipment/Parts
    See-through door, Teflon coating, injection, extrusion,
    frame precision processing products

Features of INTOSEE technology

Low price because liquid crystal (LC) is not used

Easy to install

Variable transmittance 85% or more

Superior black implementation

UV & IR blocking

Low power consumption

Application field

See-through door ossuary

See-through door ossuary with INTOSEE technology


Transparent/opaque individually adjustable.
Privacy protection (you can only see your own urns)
It is neat in appearance and has the effect of preventing the loss of belongings
You can focus completely because you can't see the other ossuary.


  • Features of INTOSEE Smart Ossuary

    Normally, they are all opaque (Block), which has the advantage of protecting privacy.

    You can focus completely because you can't see the other ossuary.

    Easy to use is possible with the touch panel.

    Selected as a priority purchase product for excellent inventions by the Korea Invention Promotion Association

    Registered as a venture start-up innovation product by the Public Procurement Service