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  • 2020

    12 Korea Invention Patent Competition "Director of the Korean Intellectual Property Office"

    12 Family-friendly company certification

    11 “Challenge K-Startup 2020” Special Award (President of the Korean Intellectual Property Office)

    11 Established Yangsan factory (307-7, Shandong-ro, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do)

    11 Environmental Management System Certification (ISO14001)

    10 Designated as an innovative product by the Public Procurement Service

    09 “INTOSEE Cosmetic Refrigerator” Wadiz achieved 1600% funding

    05 Selected for preferential purchase of “Excellent Invention” by the Korean Intellectual Property Office

    04 Attracted KRW 1 billion investment from Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

    03 Registered as a primary partner of LX Hausys

    02 Received the Minister's Award for Small and Medium Venture Business

  • 2019

    11 Seoul International Invention Exhibition "Gold Award"

    10 Selected as the penguin-type start-up company by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

    09 Received the "Best Prize" in the startup energy sector from the Korea Energy Agency

    06 Won the "Grand Prize" in the core technology sector of the 4th industrial revolution by the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

    05 Development of products such as small refrigerators, watch winders, decorative cabinets, and medicine cabinets

    05 Chungnam Technopark Production Building Headquarters relocated

    03 Development of finished products such as medicine cabinets, luxury showcases, interior cabinets, and shoe cabinets

    01 Quality management system certification (ISO9001)

    01 Factory registration

  • 2018

    12 Venture company registration

    12 Establishment of an affiliated research institute

    10 Established INTOSEE Co., Ltd.

  • 2017

    06 Developed the first “smart see-through door” product at home and abroad

  • 2016

    06 Registered domestic patent for functional see-through door (10-1632300)